PawPaw Cat

Free Virtual Cat Petting and Feeding, Pet Care, and Cute Animal Game.

Cat Petting and Cat Feeding Game, get Fun Virtual Cat with mini games for free.

With PawPaw Cat,you can do free cat adopting from shelter a cute cat friend ,feed it and play mini fun cat petting game with your Cute Kitten. PawPaw Cat is a animal care game which is suitable for kids, teenagers and adults. Players can take full responsibility of cat feeding and growing a virtual cute kitten and play fun games together.

With PawPaw Cat, kids will learn to take care of a pet cat, and play many safe, educational, fun games with the Cat. After Free Cat Adopting, In this game you can name your kitty, offer the cat a nice living space and make it happy. As daytime responsibilities you can feed it delicious meals and formulas, and play adventurous mini games together.

To keep your Cute Kitten friend clean and healthy in animal care game, you can take it to the Vet, lay it to sleep in their own pet bed, and give it a nice bubblebath. While these responsibilities help you collect paw points and diamonds in the game, you can use the paw points in pet storeto take care of all your pet friend's needs and give it gifts to make it happy. While you help it grow, you can enjoy having a very cute virtual pet friend.

PawPaw Cat Features
  • ADOPTING : Did you know that you can adopt a cute cat from the shelter for free?
  • LET'S FIND A NICE NAME : Let's name your cat friend and get to meet it.
  • WE'RE HOME : Let's offer him a nice cozy space and help him get used to its new home.
  • FEEDING TIME : Let's feed it delicious meals and formulas Don't forget, the formula cabinet must be full at all time.
  • SHOPPING IS FUN : Let's buy different accessories items for our cat and customize the cute cat friend.
  • GAME TIME : Are you ready to choose and play from lots of fun games ?
  • CARE TIME : To keep your cat friend nice and healthy, we have to use its special shampoo and comb kitten fur.
  • LITTERBOX IS EMPTY : Don't forget to change the litter :)
  • SLEEPY TIME : When it's time for sleep,don't forget to turn off the light so your kitten can have a good rest and sleep.
  • THE VET IS WAITING : Don't let the vet control day pass by.

PawPaw Cat doesn't demand any payment from the users and it is full free. All specifications included in the game can be earned by paw points. PawPaw Cat is a virtual pet game designed for all ages. While you're having a good time with your cute friend, you can also consider lending a helping hand to other cute friends living out on the streets. For more information, please visit our website:

We are always open to suggestions that would help us develop our PawPaw Cat game. If you have any questions, you can contact our developer team : PawPaw Cat Help

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PawPaw Cat has English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish language supports.

If you'd like to spend adventurous time with a cute Cat and fun friend, PawPaw Cat is a perfect Virtual Cat Petting game just for you. Paw Games!

PawPaw Cat

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PawPaw Cat

Virtual Cat Petting and Feeding - Mobile Pet Care Game

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